Searches made easy with Search Engines

Existence of internet some 20 years ago was almost negligible or even if it did exist, a common man knew very little about it. But the present witnesses even a 5 year old child well versed with using internet. I still remember going to libraries and searching numerous books to find the meaning particular phrases or rushing around in the market to look for shop where I could find things for my project. However any search is now made really simple and quick with search engines like Google by your side.

Now you can search for meanings, shops, destinations and more just by a click. Now that a lot of people are drooling over the internet for their needs, there are numerous business houses, organizations or groups to cater to those needs. These businesses thus compete with one another to be seen on the top of the list whenever someone searches for a related product that the company deals in, where they can get noticed and get maximum hits. The process of improving the visibility of a web page in a search engine is what is termed as Search engine optimization (SEO).

There are ample of search engines in the market to choose from; the leader being “Google” with 62% of the market share, followed by yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Ask and others. For people looking for information these search engines become a great guide free of cost but for the business houses these search engines are a marketing platform and Search Engine Optimization an “Internet marketing strategy”.

People looking for information feed in particular keywords to find related products, these search engines then rank a particular website as number 1, 2 or 3 based on the number of hits that a site gets. This need for SEO’s has given birth to an industry of consultants to carry out such optimisation projects. These consultants use various methods such as Indexing, preventing crawling, using keywords, creating prominence and using natural looking back links to optimise the search visibility of your website.

Now that these consultants put in so much of effort to get you business noticed they also charge a fee for the same. There are a variety of SEO Packages to suit everyone’s needs, but different needs have different tariffs, where some have designed their tariff plans based on the technique used for SEO, such as; Traffic starter package an economical package, Traffic Jam package especially for entrepreneurs, content writing packages, press release submission packages and more. Others fix their rates based on what position their client the percentage of traffic that your site will get.

These SEO Packages could be a onetime fee, monthly rentals, half yearly or an annual plan. It is for you to choose 1, 2 or more number of packs to meet your requirements.

Things aren’t the same as they were 30 years ago and will not remain the way they are today. Newer concepts, strategies and gadgets keep adding everyday making everyone’s life simpler than before.

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