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How to Acquire More Social Media Followers

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Grabbing people’s attention on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be no easy feat. After all, you will be going up against a considerable amount of posts online, as well as many competitors.

If you want to secure more followers, drive considerable traffic to your website and convert more visitors into customers, you need to stand out online and give people a reason to follow and engage with your brand. Here’s how to acquire more social media followers.

Get to Know Your Audience

Before you do anything, you must get to know your audience, so you can develop content that will grab their attention and increase your engagement. There are various factors to consider to truly understand your audience, such as:

  • The demographic (average age, gender, and income level)
  • Psychographics (The average personality type)
  • Behavior (average likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc.)
  • Overview of the type of companies following your brand (if you run a B2B business)
  • Where can you often find your target market? (Do they use Facebook more than Twitter, or are they more likely to search for you in Google or offline?)
  • The average buying behavior (Do they make impulse purchases or thoroughly research a product/service? Are they more likely to buy on or offline?)

    Provide Varied Yet Valuable Content

    More than one in three internet users reportedly use social media to find more information on a brand or product, which is why you must strive to provide your potential customers with valuable content regularly. However, to grab and maintain their attention, you must routinely spike their interest with varied, informative posts.

    Develop compelling content ideas for every social media page through:

  • Infographics
  • Powerful images
  • Blog posts
  • Interactive content

    Run Contests

    If you want to increase your brand awareness and grow your audience, consider running contests on your social media pages. Simply ask people to like or comment on your post to enter your competition to win a superb prize.
    It is an effective way to extend your reach and drive traffic to your website. Of course, the better the prize, the bigger your contest’s reach, so consider offering sought-after tickets for an event or concert, which you can find at Ticket Sale.

    Regularly Use Hashtags

    Hashtags can increase your brand’s exposure across social media, as they can drive more people to your profile, boost your follower count, and, in turn, increase web traffic. It is important to note that hashtags are more common and useful on specific platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. However, don’t be tempted to use hashtags merely because they are trending, and only feature ones relevant to your business.

    Routinely Engage with Your Followers

    It is vital to build rock-solid relationships with your followers, which is why you must like their comments and respond to their messages as soon as possible. The sooner you reply, the more valued a follower will feel, and the more likely they will engage with your future posts and buy your products and services.

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