Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay Per Click is the hottest area of online marketing now days where advertisers pay their host when their ad is clicked. With search engines, advertisers bid on the keywords significant to their goal market as it plays a significant role determining the rate of clicks on an advertisement. The amount of money the advertiser has to pay to the host for single click on their ad is referred as cost per click.

Pay per click campaign is simple, providing the advertiser with full control over their ad campaign and valuable feedback on their performance. To optimize the performance of a pay per click campaign, it needs to be well planned and managed as a wrong strategy can make you waste thousands of dollars and even get your ad removed. To increase the performance of a PPC campaign, it becomes essential that you bid for precise selected keyword phrases, write influential, persuasive ad copy and have perfectly written page to have them click through to.

Pay Per Click Campaigns commenced and managed by RankSmartz is the fastest and smartest solution to get instant returns on your investment (ROI). Our professional team at RankSmartz manages client’s PPC campaign on a daily basis and provides detailed and regular reports on all aspects of pay per click campaign. Our PPC management team works to develop best keywords and mediate with Google and other search engines to monitor PPC campaign for maximum cost effectiveness.

Our Pay Per Click management service includes:

  • Pay per click account set up
  • PPC Keyword Research
  • PPC Bid Management
  • PPC Copywriting
  • PPC ROI Tracking and Analysis
  • Google Adword Management